"Gleason has been lauded as being gifted communicator delivering dynamic, interactive messages which are peppered with gritty realism, humor and high octane energy! All of which make for an unforgettable and inspirational experience beyond exceptional!" 

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Honored to present at these world
                                   class organizations and events...

Brain Anatomy

Time is Brain

Types of Stroke

Impact of Stroke

Stroke Scales

Pharmacology Updates

Endovascular Treatment

Treatment Algorithms

30 Ways to Get to 30

Building a Stroke Program with Limited Resources

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18 - 60 - 75 - 120 minutes

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Jason and his sons have developed a special award titled "The Honorary Fifth Coyote" to honor and recognize stroke heroes across the country. 




Jason can be booked to talk

on a variety of topics based

on your organization's needs. 

Acute Stroke Care

Stroke Care for EMS

Stroke Prevention

Gun Violence

Men's Health

Care of Veterans


Hospice Care

Migraine Headaches

HIV Prevention/PreP


Grief and Loss

Bookings can include: Live Conferences, Live Video, Keynote Addresses and Organization Trainings  

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"Don't allow your loss and circumstances to change you. Use your loss or circumstances to change the world in a remarkable, positive, life changing way".

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Heather and Nikki
Heather and Nikki

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Heather Gleason was born in Butte, Montana on May 6, 1971. She lived a vibrant life until the day God took her home on August 14, 2011.  Heather grew up in Butte, Montana along with her three brothers and three sisters. She married Jason Gleason on August 12, 1995. She  loved working as a medical coder and health program coordinator. She and her husband Jason also served as co-leaders for the GenNext Youth Ministry at Great Falls Christian Center in Great Falls, Montana. Heather was a loving mother of three young boys who were truly “her everything”.  She loved spending time with her twin sister Dawn, sisters Nicky and Narda and Brothers Aaron, Warner and Eric. Heather loved reading books and traveling with Jason and her three sons on countless adventures which often brought them to Southern California and as far away as Hawaii. 


July 16, 2011 is a day that Heather’s life and the lives of her husband, three boys and their family were marked by profound tragedy and forever changed. Heather unexpectedly suffered a stroke (blood clot) to the basilar artery in the back of her brain. She survived for 29 days in a horrific “locked-in” (total paralysis with full awareness) state until going home to Jesus on August 14, 2011.  On the day of her stroke, Heather and her husband Jason would share their last words as they said “I love you” in the Emergency Department where he was working at the time that she was brought in as a patient.  Jason and Heather would spend the next 29 days of her life writing the final pages of their love story, a marriage that spanned 16 years.  They celebrated their sixteenth wedding anniversary under the stars in an outdoor hospice garden two days before her passing.


Jason, his three boys, family and countless friends made it their mission  during those  

29 days to remind Heather that despite her heartbreaking circumstance, she was still a 

beautiful, vibrant woman of God, a nurturing mother to three young boys, enduring sister 

and friend. Heather’s legacy of humble generosity and passion for life lives on through

her husband Jason and her three boys affectionately known as the “four coyotes” as well

as her twin sisters Dawn and Nicky, other  siblings and countless friends.      

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Jason Gleason has been lauded as being a gifted communicator delivering dynamic, interactive messages which are peppered with gritty realism, humor and high octane energy! All of which make for an unforgettable and inspirational experience beyond exceptional.   

Gleason has been a Registered Nurse since 1994 and a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner since 2001.


He has an expansive leadership and practice portfolio including Occupational Health, Family Practice, Emergency Medicine and most recently as a Stroke Care Consultant and National Speaker on promoting and advancing stroke care.


Gleason is also a faculty member with Fitzgerald Health Education Associates the #1 Provider of NP Board Review and Continuing Education courses in the country.


Gleason also served for twenty years in the Air National Guard prior to retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2015. During his time with the Air National Guard he served as Officer in Charge of Health Promotion, Medical Readiness, Staff Development and as Assistant Chief Nurse.


Gleason currently works in Primary Care serving our national heroes through the Veteran’s Administration in addition to working in an Emergency Department of a Level II Trauma Center while continuing his work as a professional speaker and consultant.  

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Jason Gleason,MSN, NP-C, USAF Lieutenant Colonel (RET)

Great Falls, Montana 59405